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Strategies To Avoid Pipeline Vandalization for Companies

The problem of pipeline vandalization is one that is proving to be a nightmare for oil – producing companies. This is because continued destruction of their pipelines will only bring about huge losses in revenue. Over the years, there are strategies which have been recommended to fight against vandalization. While some of them have produced expected results, others seemed to have failed. O24AI Research and Development will be revealing some of the best strategies to prevent pipeline vandalization. These have proven to work for companies making use of them in recent times. 

Improved employment

Most of the oil – producing companies aren’t adopting the policies of indigenization properly in the regions they tend to be producing crude oil at the moment. This has only led to increased rate of unemployment whereby the people have to survive through other means. Indigenization policy has been implemented to ensure that local labour is employed instead of foreigners.

However, this hasn’t worked as expected as most of these oil – producing companies have found a way to exploit the weaknesses of such policy. This has only contributed to making the problem of pipeline vandalization worst. It is therefore recommended that companies should devise effectives through which employment opportunities will be created for the people.

There should also be programs organized to develop local manpower as against using foreigners. These could be achieved through investing in the educational systems of such regions where these companies are operating from. There can also be sponsoring of programs where the people will be trained on various fields in order to become useful. All of these are great ways to ensure employment is created thereby fighting against any problem of pipeline vandalization. 


Adoption of O24AI Monitoring software

The integration and deployment of O24AI Monitoring software to monitor the activities of oil producing companies will help to bring the problem of pipeline vandalization to its barest minimum. It will ensure that efficiency and effectiveness are introduced into the sector for set aims and objectives to be achieved.

Oil-producing companies are having a hard time monitoring their activities at the moment due to lack of proper records. Most experts have claimed that the losses being experienced from pipeline vandalization is far more than what most of these companies are presenting at the moment. This is a problem of lack of proper monitoring which can be solved by adoption of of O24AI Monitoring software.

A typical example of O24AI Monitoring software complex event processor is the introduction of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is of course the future given that it ensures higher level of security in any sector. It can be adopted for the monitoring of activities in an oil – producing company. For instance, such a technology will help companies have proper records about inflow and outflow of crude oil every second. This will help to easily detect whenever there seems to be a problem of pipeline vandalization in an area.

Infrastructural development

There is no doubt that most of the oil – producing companies are as guilty as the pipeline vandalizers. This is because they have failed to carry out their responsibilities in areas where operations are being carried out on daily basis. For instance, companies are expected to set up infrastructural development projects that will increase the standard of living of the people in such areas. However, this hasn’t been the case as such these people have been completely ignored.

This is perhaps why experts have claimed that most cases of pipeline vandalization aren’t due to poverty. Rather, they are only consequences of the people’s reaction towards how oil – producing companies are being insensitive to their needs. Projects like hospitals, road constructions, building of schools and others will prove to be very effective strategies for such a challenge.

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