AI Services



We provide sensors, actuators and micro controllers to develop the sensor networks.


Software Service | To develop Backends with selected AI model to gain the required results and Visualize them using the UI.


For ensuring stability of our solutions and developments will provide robust maintenance & support.


Hospital Management System

Monitoring patients using biomedical sensors and alert Doctors about the status.

Monitoring Industrial Applications

To Monitor Temperature, Humidity status of various sections of the factories.

Electricity Distribution Station

Gathering electricity daily power generation using our complex event processors.

Pipelines Monitoring

Deploy our Artificial Intelligence pressure predictions solutions to safeguard pipelines from vandalisation.

The Best AI Services At Your Door Step

Software Service | As a company that is aspiring to meet the needs of its clients, we have a major goal which is making diverse services to be available. This means you won’t have to look elsewhere for some of the best AI services. This is because we offer you nothing short of the best. In case you are doubting why we can be trusted as an Artificial intelligence outfit, check out the services below:

Hardware services

Our experts provide different types of hardware that can make organizations/companies function smoothly on daily basis. These could be microcontrollers, actuators and sensors for the development of sensor networks. They understand what is required to ensure the right hardware is developed for your company. 

What kind of hardware do you need for your company to function smoothly? ThereforeWe have got some of the best hands in the IT industry. They are vastly experienced when it comes to hardware development.

Software development

However, are also vastly experienced in the aspect of developing softwares for companies. For instance, we have various softwares for different sectors to ensure fraudulent activities are gotten rid of. These could be oil and gas sector, health sector, power generation sector and others. The best part is that we don’t just develop softwares as we ensure that they are updated to tackle any arising issue in your company Software Service.

These are softwares with cutting edge technology to ensure high performance in any sector.As our experts will develop them based on the operations of any organization. Through these softwares, you will not only checkmate fraud as projections can be easily made. For the first time, you can reduce the chances of any unforeseen loss that may want to occur in your company. This has been made possible by our sophisticated software. 

Maintenance services

In order to ensure that softwares and hardware developed for clients are performing optimally on a consistent basis, we render maintenance and support services. Though, our experts will carry out all the routine maintenance procedures to ensure this happens. It means you will not be racking your brains about how these solutions can be kept in the best of shape over the years. Stability is very important and such can only be achieved when these solutions are being maintained on a regular basis. So, we can help your company handle all of such today.

You can see that our services have been designed to ensure you don’t have to look elsewhere for IT solutions. Therefore, take advantage of what we have available today by contacting us.